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Dear Customers,

To ensure the safety of our customers as well as our staff members, here are the procedures that we have:

  • We provide all of our staff members with face shields and cloth face masks.  Masks are inquired inside our establishment.

  • Food is prepped with gloves.  Staff members are required to wash their hands with antibacterial soap as often as possible.

  • Payment can be made online through our website, contactless payment through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or 

  • We provide an alcohol wipe (individually wrapped) when making curbside payment.  Please feel free to ask for one from one of our staff.  Hand sanitizer is also available at the carryout terminal.

  • Curbside credit card readers and carry out terminal are wiped with disinfectant after each use.  Door handles are also disinfected as often as possible.

  • All of our kitchen staff have passed the Food Sanitisation certificate.

  • Employees who exhibit any signs of sickness are prohibited from working.


Thank you for your continued patronage.



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